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When making a booking for an appointment, please ensure you have the following details at hand:

  1. Brand of the appliance

  2. Type of Appliance

  3. Model number

  4. Error code (if displayed)

  5. Is the appliance free-standing or integrated?

  6. Information about vehicle parking at the address or nearby if needed

After the date of appointment is agreed:

  • You will receive a confirmation text message with a one-hour time slot for the agreed date.

  • If the time and date are not convenient for you or you need to cancel the appointment, please notify the service provider via text message or phone call.

Warranty for fitted parts:

  • All fitted (branded manufacturers) parts come with a six-month warranty.

  • If the part fails within the warranty period, a charge of 50% of the diagnostic labor charge applies to fit the same alternative part.

Diagnostic labor charges:

  • The diagnostic labor charge is a fixed rate of £75.00 for freestanding appliances and £85.00 for integrated appliances.

  • Any other appliance repair at the same address during the visit is charged £45.00.

  • Payments for diagnostic labor charges must be made on-site for visits.

Parts and payment:

  • Parts used will be charged separately.

  • Payment for parts must be made before they are installed or ordered.

No fault found:

  • If, during a visit, it is proven that there is no fault with your appliance, a diagnostic labor charge applies.

Installation charges:

  • Installation of any appliances to pre-existing plumbing or electrical outlets incurs a diagnostic labor charge of £75.00 for freestanding appliances and £95.00 for integrated appliances.

These guidelines provide clear instructions for customers and ensure transparency in the service process. Customers can use this information to prepare for their appliance repair appointment and understand the associated charges and warranty terms.

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